company name is Johnson and Johnson

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Company name is Johnson and Johnson

Throughout this course on business strategy and policy, you will be working individually to conduct a research project on a company of your choice.

During this first workshop, each student will select a publicly traded company for the research project. You will want to do some preliminary research on your company to determine if there is enough information on your company to successfully write a research paper on it. The better-know companies will have more information from which you can select research data. Due to the amount of material in this text regarding Walmart, Google, Microsoft and Starbucks, these four companies should not be selected for this assignment.

1. Section 1 Introduction in which you provide information regarding the history of the company, its mission and vision statements and its major product lines or services. This will be followed by a discussion of the industry or industries that the company operates in. The conclusion of this assignment will discuss the major competitors in this industry. This section of the paper will be based primarily on your research. Length 2-3 pages. (Workshop 1). Prepare a paper about your specific company, which includes the following information about your specific company:

History and Milestones – A history and major milestones for the company (considering time blocks in decades is helpful for most companies) including the mission and values of your company.

Mission and vison statements and what they mean. (Companies approach these in a variety of manners. You may find one or both of these or possibly your company has neither. If you cannot find both, indicate that in your paper).

The industry or industries the company operates within.

Key Competitors – A discussion of key competitors including a description of the major product lines or services of your company.

2. Your research in this first paper will be useful in preparing for the final project.

3. This first assignment lays a foundation for your case study analysis. You should provide a detailed explanation that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking. Be sure to use correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, varied diction and word choices, grammar, and APA format. The overall analysis should be 2-3 pages in length.