Communication class and the second one for my management class, writing homework help

I do have 2 different assignments for 2 of my courses.
First one is for Communication class and the second one for my management class. I need in 24 hours. Please let me know if you are able to do both of them and I attached instructions file for both of them.

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Org Culture Worksheet.docx 

Sec 500 – Discussion Board Assignment No 1 – Instructions.pdf 

For the communication file assignment I do have an online book in chegg website.

Please see these files and let me know.

For the communication course assignment you need to answer it from the book chapter 4 and it is all about the videos.
The manegment course assignment there are questions after the case study answer them as 1 paragraph for each one. After you send me the file I will submit it and will be able then to see others answers I will copy to of them for to respond to their opinion. I will pay you 25 and please make sure to make them in your own words and Don’t ever copy any single word from the internet.