Collecting Audience Related Information

There are many strategies and approaches to collecting data about your audience and to piloting potential health messages. Some of these include the following:

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  • Focus group discussions
  • Observation
  • Diaries and journals
  • Interviews
  • Media outlet profiles
  • Questionnaires (mail, telephone, online)
  • Web search patterns
  • Consumer surveys

In this assignment, you will demonstrate an understanding of research tools used to understand audiences and identify tools that are most appropriate for the health communications purpose and audience. You will also take a look at examples from current or previous health education campaigns.

Using the module readings, online library resources, and the Internet, respond to the following:

  • Select two to three methods of collecting audience-related information.
  • Compare and contrast these methods as they are applied to health communications.

Support your statements with examples and scholarly references.

Write your initial response in 3–5 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.