Cognitive Psychology: Reflection Paper

– The basic assignment is to listen, watch, or read the given source, summarize the information, give your own thoughts about it, and connect that information to Cognitive Psychology. You’re assign to watch an online episode of a TV show, TED talk, or something similar or listen to a podcast on anything related to COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. The source must last at least 15 minutes. Based on this, you will write a reflection paper consisting of the following five parts, with labels on each:

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1. Information- Copy, paste and fill out the following information:

__podcast ___TED talk or video

name of the Podcast, Ted talk, or video:

URL Link:

2. Topic Introduction – this section is a brief introduction to the topic covered in the podcast or video. Be detailed about this; don’t just write “memory” as a topic. Don’t discuss research on the topic but rather, use this section to introduce your topic.

3. Description- a description and summary of the content of what you listened to or watched. Describe what the podcast or video was and what was discussed.

4. Related Research- a section on relating the content to class material. This must include a summary of research from at least two primary-source journal articles. this section is to give you an understanding of current research in this area. Do not be shallowed about this section. You need to to include details, just as if you were summarizing articles in a literature review.

5. Discussion- A discussion of incorporating everything together. This includes elements of the podcast/video with the related research with your own thoughts about the material (e.g., what you liked, what you questioned, what could have been improved). In other words, incorporate the primary research you found, the content of the podcast/talk, and your own thoughts together

– You will need to connect the information using at least two outside primary-source research articles.(Use

YOU MAY NOT USE Scientific American’s 60-second science! The content must be of a significant length of at least 15 minutes.

– APA-style: double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman font,

– No contractions (do not use words like isn’t, can’t, shouldn’t), No quotes, Reference page, no abstract

– Must label the five subsections (and only five subsections should have labels).

The topic must relate to cognitive psychology! You may not use either of these TED talks:

Scott Fraser: Why eyewitness get it wrong (2012).

Elizabeth Loftus. The fiction of memory (aka The reliability of Memory) (2013)

Bavelier D (2012, June). Daphne Davelier. Your Brain on Video Games.