Classmates Discussion About Does Piracy Hurt the Economy? You Decide

Respond to at least two peers who chose to defend the opposing side of the argument. Cite a specific example to counter their argument.

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These are the classmates discussions I will also provide mine.

1.) I would have to agree with the stance “that many claims of “losses due to piracy” are incredibly misleading, but there are different levels of misleading. ” That reason why would have to agree that the information that is being given is wrong is that the amount that is being claimed that the economy lost, is the amount that was spent to film the movie or album. Piracy might affect the economy in the aspect that it does not generate money for the economy, but if the funds were never gained that means they were not lost. By not having piracy it can help the economy, but in my opinion, I do not believe it impacts the economy drastically as some might put it in misleading reports. The way that that the media is they tend to aggravate certain topics more and be bias to the topic. However piracy is illegal it some how does affect the economy, it might not be as drastic as the numbers that i put out there.

2.)A lot of people I know have contributed to piracy, whether it be downloading a short song illegally or ripping an entire movie that is still in the theater. In examining the article, Masnick (2013) states that claims of losses from piracy are immensely misleading, according to much of the public, and that infringement results in a redistribution of income. I do agree with the author in this sense that stating that piracy would be a total loss is not accurate, despite whether or not the redistribution of goods is either positive or adverse. Infringement does have an economic impact, as the money that would be spent on goods that could be purchased from the vendor or the organization are no longer being purchased, but it is not necessarily correct to say either is good or bad. Many different characteristics contribute to this notion, and it is important to view the economic influence of these things. I definitely agree with the author of this article that there are many misleading statements regarding the way in which piracy impacts not only the economy, but policy and society as a whole, and I think that such needs to be further looked into in order to better understand it.


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