Classifications of the tourist destinations discussion

Chapter 10

1.Describe the various tourism supply components that must be brought together to create a successful tourist destination.

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2.What are the major classifications of the tourist destinations and the similarities and differences among these classifications?

3.Why are tourist destinations attempting to attract more visitors outside of their prime seasons?

4.Describe the factors that have an impact on the survival and success of a seasonal tourist destination such as a winter snow holiday resort?

5.Why are cruise ships called “floating resorts”?

6.What is that sets some large urban areas apart from others and makes them stand out as special tourist destinations?

Chapter 11

1.In what ways can tourism benefit the economy of an area?

2.Why are the tourism receipts from international visitors considered exports?

3.How does the multiplier concept work? Why do island countries have small tourism multipliers?

4.What are some of the negative effects that can come from tourism development?

5.What are the various roles that governments can play in supporting the tourism industry?

6.How do convention centers add to the economic activity of an area? How can they be funded and managed?

7.What steps are needed to develop a tourism plan?

8.Why can political tugs of war arise over decisions concerning tourism development?