CL assignment

CL Assignment

Dear All,

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I hope that all of you are doing great! : ) I’m attaching the instructions for the CL Assignment (it’s a word document) here. CLassignment_instructions_Aug18.docx Please read the instructions and feel free to start working on the assignment right away (you have everything you need to work on the assignment!)! If you’d like, you can submit the assignment much before it’s due! The assignment is really fun and helpful. So, please check it out and do your best job while working at it.

The checklist for success for CL Assignment:

  1. Please make sure that you complete the assignment and submit it to the CL Assignment Box here in Canvas. The assignment is a big percentage of your grade (i.e., 18%), so please make sure that you complete the assignment! 🙂
  2. Finish the assignment before or by the time it’s due! It helps if you start and finish it much earlier than the deadline. Only assignments that are submitted to the assignment box and on time are accepted. 🙂
  3. There are two parts (i.e., Part I & Part II) to the assignment. Please make sure that you complete both parts! : )
  4. Please do what exactly the assignment asks you to do. Follow all of the instructions so that you maximize your grade! I grade a given assignment on how professionally it is done, the quality of the work you’ve done, and on the basis of how complete it is (i.e., following all instructions)! And, if you’ve followed all the instructions and produced a high-quality assignment, not only do you maximize your grade but you also get a bonus! 🙂
  5. Please feel free to work on the same word file that contains the instructions for your assignment! You can use the same format, font, font size, etc. for your assignment. You can simply replace the sample given to you with your own wishes, reasons, goals and part II of the assignment! : )
  6. It’s important that you make sure that your writing is professional. So, edit your writing once you’re done! This is an opportunity for you to practice and improve your writing and grammar skills!
  7. The assignment is fun! So, feel free to go ahead and get started!

With much warmth,