CJ390 Monroe Critical Issues in Policing May Intersession Case Study Analysis

CJ390 – Critical Issues in Policing May Intersession Second Case Study Analysis Scenario “Relax, Teddy boy. They won’t miss a couple of steaks. A little after hours shopping won’t hurt anybody. Insurance will pay for it. Besides, I’ve got a Fourth of July family reunion coming,” the Sergeant proclaimed as he tossed two 12-count boxes of rib-eyes into the trunk of the cruiser. “Why don’t you grab a box of those filets for you and the wife? Now, I think it’s time we called the detectives in.” You find yourself speechless. “Sarge” is your training officer and this is your first law enforcement job fresh out of the university and police academy. You thought you were answering a call for a silent-alarm burglary, not participating in one. Sarge gave you a long look. “What’s wrong with you, Simpson? You’re not a goody-two shoes, are you?” “I don’t think so, Sarge, but I can’t say as I’m comfortable taking anything from this business without paying for it.” “Oh, you pay for it all right,” Sarge brusquely replied. “Check out your pay stub when you get your next check. We haven’t had a decent raise in years, and I know the guy who owns this meat market. He makes plenty and doesn’t donate a dime to the police benevolence fund.” Putting on his seat belt, Sarge continued. “It ain’t like we’re committing armed robbery, son. Just taking a few crumbs from the tables we serve.” After finishing your shift, you think about what Sarge said, You’re a new officer with little, if any, standing and he’s a respected veteran. Even though what he did is against everything you were taught in college and at the academy, you aren’t sure what to do. Maybe you have to “go along to get along.” Maybe you need to report him, although you couldn’t see any upside to that option concerning your future in the department. Maybe you need to find another department, but it would look more than a little strange for you to change agencies so soon. Questions Critically answer the following questions. Your response should be at least one page. You must provide detail justification for any decision that you make. Based on what you have read, answer the following questions: 1. What should the young officer say to his sergeant? 2. If the you officer remained quiet about the incident, what is likely to happen to him if his sergeant is caught? 3. What options does the young officer have, and which one would you select? Explain your answer

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