Chemical Reaction Processes

Models are useful for representing flow in real vessels, for scale up, and for diagnosing poor flow. These models apply to turbulent flow in pipes, laminar flow in very long tubes, flow in packed beds etc. An ideal pulse of tracer is introduced into a reactor and the pulse spreads as it passes through the vessel, and to characterize the spreading according to various models.

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Illustrate the spreading of tracer using

dispersion model

and segregated flow model

with suitable diagram.

Note :

The answer will be

  • Paraphrase
  • minimum 5 pages for dispersion model with suitable diagram.
  • minimum 5 pages for segregated flow model with suitable diagram.
  • Harvard Referencing
  • Provide Some figures/ pictures with reference

please refer the attached books which you can use for answering the questions and also you can use more books from internet