CHAT 6 with classmates on lying in business –10 points

Please watch youtube video and read through powerpoint to answer questions:

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1.) What is your reaction to the TED Talk Video? Was it informative? Did it confirm something you already knew or believed?

2.) According to Carr, what is bluffing and how is it different from lying?

3.) From an ethical standpoint, is lying ever okay? For example, to spare someone hurt feelings? Have you ever told a lie for a “good reason”?

3.) How about in a business setting; when is lying/bluffing ever acceptable?

4.) Do you agree with Carr who says business is a game like poker and that lying is acceptable? And furthermore, if one does not lie they’ll be at a competitive disadvantage? Or do you agree with Gillespie, who is saying that business is not a game? That people’s lives are at stake and lying treats people like things.

5.) Carr uses this quote by Henry Taylor who said, “falsehood ceases to be falsehood when it is understood on all sides that the truth is not to be expected…” What does this mean to him? What do you think it means?

6.) Is it possible for a salesperson to be completely honest with a customer? Why or why not?

7.) Have you ever lied during a business transaction? If so, would you have lost the sale if you had not lied? Explain.

8.) There was a store in Texas not too long ago who named their store, “Going Out of Business”. They were not actually going out of business, but named their store this so as to bring in customer who would believe that deep discounts could be had. Is this harmless? Manipulative? Clever marketing? Discuss

9.) In your opinion, what is the main point/value of these readings?