Character Theory Paper Pre-Planning Worksheet

At the end of next week, you will have a Character Theory Paper due. In this 2-3 page paper, you will create a fictional person, or you can use a well-known current or historical figure, and detail the significant moments in this person’s life. You will then interpret this person’s decisions, behaviors, and possible life outcomes through the eyes of Freud, Jung, or Bandura. For this paper, you will have an opportunity to exercise your creativity as well as your comprehension, so far, of the theories and theorists you have studied thus far.

This week, begin to brainstorm ideas for the paper by completing the Character Theory Paper Pre-Planning Worksheet. To work on this assignment, click on the link under Week 3.

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To help shape your ideas and your paper, complete the Pre-Planning Worksheet using the link under Week 3. Here are the questions you will be considering as you work on the worksheet:

  1. What fictional or famous person will you use for your paper? Briefly describe the turning points and milestones in this person’s life.
  2. Identify and define the theory you will use.  Include the source for your definition of the theory.  If you use a direct quote, put it in quotation marks. 
  3. Add one sentence, in your own words, defining the theory.  Provide the source you used to help you define the theory. 
  4. Identify the three concepts you will use from the theory to explain the character.
  5. Identify three academic sources you will use in your paper.  One MUST be your book. To locate academic sources, go to the Tools & Resources page under Course Home to access the Everest Library or EBSCO Host.
  6. Before submitting the worksheet, review this rubric to ensure you have met the requirements for a full grade