Change something through feedback

First Draft Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts

Prose, including spelling, grammar, usage, style and punctuation; Is the prose polished and professional ?

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Comments Overall, good work, with some errors here and there.

8 / 10 pts

Format, including pagination, margins, bib. entries, footnotes, subheadings; Is the format clear, correct and easy to follow?


One are to improve is to add more footnotes / citations to show where you are getting your information. Without footnotes, you are not in compliance with the principles of academic integrity

7 / 10 pts

Argumentation and evidence; Does this essay go beyond summary and book report? Does the paper have a thesis / interpretation? Does the author present a debatable assertion and use evidence from sources to support the thesis?


You provide a lot of information; food work; now work on forming this into an argument, a debatable point about the Han. Now you mainly summarize information.

11 / 15 pts

Historical information mastery; does the author accurately and reliably explain the topic in historical context? Does the author show significant research beyond the encyclopedia and textbook?


Overall, you provide a lot of information about the Han; good work; now try to add primary sources, such as the Discourses on Salt and Iron to provide more depth to what your write.

13 / 15 pts