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Challenge Idea (Section #1): Your mission with this challenge is to find a way to positively impact/improve someone(s) life in a direct way. This can happen by simply helping someone in need or finding a way to help through a non-profit organization. You will do this by finding a way to engage with others around social responsibility, sustainability and integrity. The challenge can include a “small” cash gift (used in a creative way), an in-kind gift or volunteering to help someone (Note: If cash is part of your idea make sure it is “up to and no more than” $20.00). Having a personal impact many times does not require huge dollars. This project does NOT require giving of money (optional only). Section #1 of your paper is to describe your idea.

Implementation Process (Section #2): The teaching team expects you to put into practice your idea for this challenge. Volunteering (3 hours minimum), in-kind donation (goods you own or control) or cash gift (Max. $20.00 deployed creatively). Explain the process of taking the action and the anticipated impact your action will make. 

Summary (Section #3): Explain who benefited from your challenge, were you successful and how did this challenge change your view or attitude toward helping others. Very important to discuss what you have gotten out of this (what you learned about yourself). 

Page 2 – ONE (1) APPROPRIATE Picture of yourself, or something connected to completing the challenge, as discussed by Professor Johnson in class. 

!!!!!!!! because i need take picture of myself, so i think i want to do the free hug in our apartment called “the heights” in state college or i can do buy a McDonald’s meal and give it to the homeless. You can choose one to write on this essay, then i can take picture. And i also upload a sample you can look at. !!!!!!!

Paper Mechanics/Deliverable Guidelines: 


2. Your Name, Honor & Challenge Statement box at top of page (copy/paste into your document) 

3. Page 1 – assignment, Page 2 – one challenge picture (per class guidelines) 

4. A type written document (single-spaced) 

5. Margins from .5 to 1 inch are acceptable (all 4 sides) – do not use the default margins 

6. Written in first person (I, me, we, us, myself, etc.) – tell us your thoughts 

7. Times Roman or Calibri font 

8. Font size of 11 – 12 point 

9. Bold Headings 

10. Grammar and spelling are always important – please check both 

Grading Rubric: 

 Full Credit – 30 Points 

– Full credit will be given if ALL paper mechanics and ALL content guidelines are followed from above including Honor Statement (Challenge Statement optional) box at top of page per the sample 

– Assist local non-profit organization other than current affiliations 

– Picture of yourself/item completing your challenge on Page 2 

Partial Credit – 15-29 Points 

– Missing any of the elements listed above 

– Assist organization other than non-profit 

– Poorly written (spelling, grammar, word choice, etc.) 

Zero Credit – 0 Points 

– Nothing submitted by the due date 

– Submission is irrelevant and unrelated to assignment 

– Submission addresses few of the protocols in this assignment 

– Plagiarism from any source