Ch 9 Developing Non Profit & Human Service Leaders Annotated Bibliography

There are many components to nonprofit organizational management within the context of human resources, supervision, and professional development of staff. Chapter 9 of your text, Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leadership, briefly discusses some of these areas. For this Assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography to discuss the tenets of organizational management or one of the functions of a human service administrator in relation to human resources, supervision, and staff development covered in Chapter 9 of your text.


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Develop an annotated bibliography based on one of the following areas of organizational nonprofit management of your choice:

  • Interviewing, hiring, recruitment, and termination policies
  • Employee motivators
  • Employment laws (you can review literature covering more than one of the subtopics under employee laws)
    • Civil rights
    • Discrimination (pregnancy, perceived disability, race/ethnicity, language, beliefs, preferences, orientation, gender)
    • Equal wages
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Supervision
  • Diversity in the workplace as a tenet to organizational leadership

Along with your topic of choice, other suggested keywords are nonprofit management, human service leadership, organizational management, organizational leadership, nonprofit human resources, and principles of nonprofit organizational leadership.

Suggested databases that can be accessed through the Library are:

  • Books 24×7
  • Business Source Complete
  • eBook Academic Collection from EBSCO
  • eBook Collection from EBSCO
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

An annotated bibliography presents a comprehensive, yet focused, selection of scholarly sources on a specific topic. The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to identify resources for and to develop a deeper understanding of the tenets of organizational management, supervision, and the professional development of staff. Annotations inform the reader of the material and information provided along with the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.

Your Assignment will be 3–4 pages in length and will include a 1-paragraph introductory synopsis along with a list of the research resources you used to serve as the preface to the annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography will include a list of citations to books, articles, and documents (the bibliography). Each citation will be followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph (the annotation), which provides a review of the literature on a particular subject. An annotated bibliography is not the same thing as a bibliography or an abstract. An annotation is descriptive and critical whereas as abstract does not include a critical evaluation of the writing or study.

Your annotated bibliography will consist of six references from at least four peer-reviewed journal articles, one credible website, and Chapter 9 of your text, Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders.

Your references will be in alphabetical order with each entry properly APA formatted and each annotation about 1 paragraph (4–10 sentences) in length. The Assignment should be 3–5 pages in length.

In this annotation, you will briefly describe the resource. If available, you could provide a descriptive annotation that evaluates the success or reliability of the book. You might also compare or contrast the source with another source on the topic. Determine if the author has a bias or makes assumptions. List any biases. You could describe the author’s conclusion and whether or not there are significant attachments or appendices such as charts, maps, bibliographies, photographs, documents, tests or questionnaires. You could also explain how this work is useful. You could also compare or contrast this work with another (or others) cited. Is the work, its data, or its view out-of-date, yet a valid historical reference? Describe your reaction to the item. Use technical writing format: not “I” or “my.” You will need four more entries after this one.

Please read the following in your textbook, Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders:

Chapter 9: “Human Resource”

In Chapter 9, you will discover the current rules and policies regarding hiring and recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and development, and performance management. Strategies for developing and retaining productive employees will be covered as well as techniques for dealing with employee lack of productivity. Creating a positive and stimulating work environment is the principal theme throughout the chapter.

Please read the following article that can be found in the Library:

Popescu, S., & Rusko, R. (2012). Managing Diversity in Public Organizations. Global Business & Management Research, 4(3/4), 235-247.