Celanese Corporation Financial Ratio And Mangerial Accounting Analysis

You have been assigned a publicly traded company (Celanese Corporation) and your task is to review and analyze the company from an investor’s perspective.You may not change companies or switch companies with anyone.At a minimum, your analysis will include the following WELL DEFINED sections –

Company Overview Section (1 to 2 pages representing 20 points of the total assignment’s grade) will include discussions pertaining to

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§Company History – when did they start, who started the company, what did they originally do as a business?

§Current Operations – What does the company do, where do they make their money?You may include:


§Significant Operational Divisions and/or

§Significant Products, and/or

§Significant Ownership stakes – who owns the company?

§Current Financial Stability – Are they making money or do they have a positive cash flow?

§Ratio Analysis – REQUIRED – Price Earnings, Earnings per Share, and Dividend Yield with a comparison to Competitors and/or Industry.

ØSECTION 2 – A discussion of Current or Pending
SignificantIssues facing the Company (1 to 2 pages representing 20 points of the assignment’s total grade).The issues may be positive or negative; that determination is left to your discretion.You should identify and discuss at least three issues.

Your Opinion (1 to 2 Pages representing 20 points of the assignment’s total grade) based on observations you have made.Your opinion should refer to items noted in the previous two sections..


For further guidance and specifics, please refer to the Grading Rubric.

The remaining points of your grade will be based on…

Ø30 Points for visits to the Writing Lab (10 points for each section)

Ø60 Points for the Final Combined Document.

Each section of your document will be scanned for plagiarism using SafeAssign.If the SafeAssign Match percentage exceeds 5%, there will be point deductions equaling 2 times the amount of the percentage that exceeds 5% for that particular section.This deduction will be assessed at the end of grading for each section.

Section Formatting Requirements – Points will be assigned to appropriate use of punctuation and grammar, the usage of font type and size, margins, title page, section headings, paragraph spacing, and the quality and documentation of your references (the references will be graded on the Final Document), etc. Please observe the following formatting requirements:

•The body of the document must be greater than FIVE written pages in length (4 and1/2 pages is not 5 pages), NOT includingthe Title, Bibliography, and supplemental pages, and include at least ONE FULL PAGE on each defined section not to exceed two pages for each section.The body of the assignment must not exceed SIX pages total, again not including the Title, Bibliography, and supplemental charts and graphs.

•There can be no more than ONE direct quote per section.

•Any graphs or charts must for noted in the body of the document and included as supplemental information after the bibliography.

•You must have at least TEN noted references with no more than FIVE references originating from “On-Line” sources.The references must be listed in the Bibliography (not in the body of the analysis) and be documented using APA guidelines. There is an on-line APA help site (see the end of this document) you should use to meet this requirement.You should not post any references within the body of the document since this can cause an increased Match percentage from SafeAssign.The definition of an on-line source is an internet source with no printed source available.For example, a reference to a Blog would be considered an internet source, a reference to the on-line version of the Wall Street Journal should referenced as a newspaper reference since the document is available in printed.References to Wikipedia should be avoided since this is an on-line source; however, you may go to the references at the end of the Wikipedia document and research those sources to determine if it is in print.

•The body must be
double-spaced, using the font TIMES NEW ROMAN – 12, with
one inch margins on all sides. All paragraph spacing must be set to 0.5 for both Before and After and all Indentations for both Left and Right must be set to 0.0; however, the first line should be indented .5 for all paragraphs.

not include page numbers or insert any headers or footers in the body of the document.

Your research should include analysis of several years of the company’s published Financial Statements (Annual Reports, SEC Forms 10-Q and 10-K, etc.) along with any other information you may find useful.

The 2 uploaded files are the instruction of this assignment, please read it carefully. I need a draft paper tomorrow if anyone can do it?. You can finish the rest of the assignment in around 1-2 weeks. Please I need help.