Case Study Questions

Read the two case studies uploaded below and answer the following questions:

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Mexican Case Study Questions:

1. Identify three socioeconomic factors that influence the health of the Gaborra family.

2. Name three health-teaching interventions the health-care provider might use to encourage Olga to seek treatment for her anemia.

3. Identify strategies to help improve communications in English for the Gaborra family.

4. Identify three health-teaching goals for the Gaborra family.

5. Name three interventions Olga must learn regarding fluid balance for the infant, Linda.

6. Discuss three preventive maintenance–teaching activities that respect the Gaborra family’s belief in the hot and cold theory of disease management.

7. Identify strategies for obtaining health data for the Gaborra family.

8. Identify four major health problems of Mexican Americans that affect the Gaborra family.

9. If Olga were to see a folk practitioner, which one(s) would she seek?

10. Explain the concept of familism as exhibited in this family.

11. Distinguish between the two culture-bound syndromes el ataque and susto.

12. Discuss culturally conscious health-care advice consistent with the health-belief practices of the pregnant Mexican American woman.

13. Discuss two interventions to encourage Mexican American clients with tuberculosis to keep clinic appointments and to comply with the prescribed medication regimen.

14. Identify where the majority of Mexican Americans have settled in the United States.

Puerto Rican Case Study Questions:

1. Explain Mrs. Medina’s attitude in her relationship with her adolescent daughter.

2. Identify strategies to ensure that Rosa seeks prenatal care.

3. Identify barriers to accessing health care for the Medina family.

4. What are the high-risk behaviors exhibited by this family?

5. What communication barriers exist in this family that affect care delivery?

6. Discuss gender and family roles in the context of traditional Puerto Rican culture.

7. Identify sociodemographic factors affecting the physical- and mental-health well-being for this family.

8. Identify Puerto Rican folk practices appropriate for this family.

9. If the Medina family chose to visit a folk healer, which one(s) do you think they might visit? Why?

10. If Mrs. Medina’s parents visit a health-care provider, what might they expect?

11. Identify culturally congruent interventions to ensure compliance with Western health prescriptions for Mr. Medina.

12. Discuss the importance of respeto and familism in the Medina family.

13. Identify culturally congruent interventions for Rosa’s pregnancy.

14. Identify health-promotion and disease-prevention interventions needed for José.