Case Questions

In addition to using the Web, you MUST open and read the case in the uploaded file to answer these questions.

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1. What are the key elements of Tesla Motors’ strategy? Relate them to the five generic competitive strategies (low-Cost Provider Strategy, broad Differentiation Strategy, focused Low Cost Strategy, focused Differentiation Strategy, Best-Cost Provider Strategy.

2. The product distribution strategy of Tesla adopted a unique approach to the automobile industry. Does this strategy align best with an aggressive or defensive orientation? Justify your choice.

3. If nothing else, CEO Elon Musk can be called a visionary. As such, what impact has Musk’s leadership had upon the business culture of Tesla? Be descriptive, and provide examples in your response.

4. One tried and true method to expand a business is to seek out merger opportunities; another is to pursue acquisitions. If you were a member of Tesla’s senior management, would you recommend pursuing a merger as a strategic approach? Why or why not? Be expansive in your response.

5. Examine the concept of outsourcing value-chain actions within business operations. Such practices can have a strategic benefit in several ways. Of those strategies, identify one that can be applied to Tesla and provide an example of how that strategy is utilized at Tesla.

Absolutely No plagiarism, number the questions when answering and use APA citation only (e.g provide page numbers from uploaded case in the file, etc)