case memo privacy email policy at work


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can certainly sympathize with employees when they complain about having
their email and instant messages monitored, but you’re implementing a
company policy that all employees agree to abide by when they join the
company. Your firm, Webcor Builders of San Francisco, California, is one
of the estimated 60 percent of U.S.companies with such monitoring
systems in place. More and more companies use these systems (which
typically operate by scanning messages for keywords that suggest
confidential, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate content) in an attempt
to avoid instances of sexual harassment and other problems. As the
chief information officer, the manager in charge of computer systems in
the company, you’re often the target when employees complain about being
monitored. Consequently, you know you’re really going to hear it when
employees learn that the monitoring program will be expanded to personal
blogs as well.

Your Task

Write a memo to
be distributed to the entire workforce, explaining that the automated
monitoring program is about to be expanded to include employee’s
personal blogs. Explain that, while you sympathize with employee
concerns regarding privacy and freedom of speech, it is the management
team’s responsibility to protect the company’s intellectual property and
the value of the company name. Therefore, employees’ personal blogs
will be added to the monitoring system to ensure that employees don’t
intentionally or accidentally expose company secrets or criticize
management in a way that could harm the company

Format and Length:
Memo format; Use Talking headings; single-spacing; 1” side margins;
Calibri 11 point;1page conte. References on page 2.

Evaluation: Checklist for Evaluating Critical Thinking as Reflected Through Written Communication