Career Planning Respond to 2 classmates (Wk1 Discussion2)

Describe how career planning is useful throughout one’s career and is not just carried out during initial entry. Use and cite the course textbook in your initial post. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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Classmate #1


After reading this week’s required material, I feel that I have a better understanding of how career planning and being goal oriented as well as planning throughout can help for the duration of one’s career. Career planning is highly useful not only in the ladder part of the career but extremely important in career infancy. In many organizations to include the Air Force it is absolutely vital that the career progression structure is readily available to the disposal of supervisors, leaders, and managers. There is a high need for supervisor to be able to articulate the way subordinates can plan for the future and reach their goals. Keeping in mind that S.M.A.R.T is the framework for these goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. Planning one’s career all begins with setting goals and achieving them even if it is an immediate goal, 5-year goal, or 2-year goal.

I am a firm believer that networking your career goals and plans to better help you achieve these goals is crucial. As cited by Uhl-Bien & Schermerhorn & Osborn, “These include task networks of specific job-related contacts, career networks of career guidance and opportunity resources, and social networks of trustworthy friends and peers.” ((Uhl-Bien, M., Schermerhorn, J., & Osborn, R., 2014, chapter 1.4, para 17). I particularly like the networks of career guidance because it is something that the Air Force offers to Airmen of all ranks. A Career Assistance Advisor is there to help you reach the goals. Even if they can’t help immediately, they help point all Airmen to the right direction.

From my former years in the military until now, we continuously talk about career progression, goals, and ways to achieve those things. I firmly believe that these things are vital to not only the Air Force, but all outside organizations.


Uhl-Bien, M., Schermerhorn, J., & Osborn, R. (2014). Organizational behavior (13th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Classmate #2


Hello Everyone!

Career planning is very important because it allows the individual to critically think about what they want to achieve in their lifetime, throughout their career. Steps in career planning should include dreams, wants, and goals. “Planning sets objectives and identifies the actions needed to achieve them” (Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn, Osborn, 2014). A good plan will have different types of goal, long term and short term, to achieve one final goal. This plan can be adjusted and reevaluated and should be, throughout ones career. This gives the individual something to work towards. Once someone has achieved their goals, they should create another goal and plan for the tasks that are needed for that new end goal.

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