Career Goals Reflection Paper

My career interest is marketing, do not use another random career topic.

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2-3 page typed, double-spaced paper that focuses on career interests. Topics to be covered include:

1) Identify a career field that interests you, and explain why you find this subject or job interesting. Do some research to identify what actually happens on the job and explain what it is about this job that you think would be challenging and enjoyable. (30 points)

2) Describe the training and experience that are required to work in the field you have identified above. Do some research on qualifications needed to get a job in this field. Is growth or decline expected in this career field? Where is growth occurring (what part of the country)? Can one get an entry-level job in this field with a bachelor’s degree, or is graduate study required in order to work in this area? How difficult is it to get a job in this field? (40 points)

3) Identify the strengths and weaknesses that you bring to this career field. What strengths can you capitalize on, and how can you increase your strengths in this area? What weaknesses do you have and how can you overcome them? Identify specific strategies to increase strengths and reduce weaknesses. (30 points)