Can you help me write an essay reasearch paper about Cancer?

The essay has to be between 1800 – 2500 words (body of the essay) not including the title of the essay. The essay needs to be between 10-12 paragraphs. The body of the essay needs to have 4 sections and each section needs to be 2 paragraph (8 paragraphs total for the body of the essay or more). The essay must have an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction need to include the following: define the subject, then thesis statement. The conclusion needs to restate the thesis and suggestions and comments. The essay must have at least 8 resources or more that is not from a .com source. The sources that is preferred for this paper is the following: .gov, .org, .edu. Each page should not have more than one or maximum two quotes and both quotes combined cannot be more than 5 lines. The essay has to be at least 8 pages or more. The last page (page 9) is the work citation.

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In addition, I need a full sentense outline to go with the essay about the same topic.

Each parahraph of this essay has to have facts and evidence about the “essay research paper about cancer”