can you answer these about the poems?

As I Grew Older-…

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1. The wall is a metaphor for what in this poem?

2. What effect does Hughes create with the image of a black person fading into the shadow

of the wall?

Children’s Rhymes-…

3. Because of the title of this poem and its lyrical quality, one gains the sense that the poem

is being rendered by a child. What effect does Hughes achieve though his use of child as

narrator in this poem?

Dream Deferred-

4. How does Hughes’ use of imagery in this poem contribute to the theme of “a dream



5. Describe the image of a child looking for the back of a merry-go-round in this poem.

How does this image expose the ridiculousness of Jim Crow laws?

Negro Speaks of Rivers

6. What characteristics of rivers help Hughes to crystallize his simile, “my heart has grown

deep like the rivers” in this poem?

Night Funeral in Harlem-…

7. What comment is Hughes making in this poem concerning the monetary affairs that

accompany a funeral?

8. What elements does Hughes add to this poem to make it one that is distinctly about a

funeral in Harlem?