can someone watch document and answer following questions?

Ethics: Essay III

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Documentary Film Assignment

Provide complete answers to the following 21 questions (4 points each + 16 points for free: 100

points total). The questions occur chronologically in the documentary film

Sicko by Michael Moore (2007). The last question does not require the film. Answers must be type-written,

single-spaced, with 12-point font, and numbered 1-21, for full credit. Do not recopy each

question but you must answer each part. The assignment is due by the start of class on

Saturday, December 1. You may submit a paper copy in class, or send your answers to my

email as an attachment, but if I do not have your assignment, cannot open or print it, for any

reason, in real time by the deadline, it receives the late penalty: 20 points each 1 week (each

class) it is late. Once I print it, I will let you know.

You can watch the film at or at (with Spanish

subtitles). On vimeo, search for “Sicko” and then click on “documental michael moore – sicko

(spanish) (2007)” from Areandina: located in the 8

the box on the right side of the screen as you

scroll down. Moore put this documentary into the public domain a few years ago (signing away

his profit rights to it), so it is legal to watch it wherever you can find it (without paying for it).

1. (a) Adam had to stitch which one of his knees himself? (Right or left.) (b) Which hand

did Rick cut the tops of two fingers off? (Right or left.) Where did the top of Rick’s

middle finger end up, after he could not afford to have it re-attached?

2. (a) Frank Cardille is how old? (b) Who provides his insurance? (c) Why is he still


3. Why was Laura Burnham billed for her ambulance ride after her car crash?

4. By the end of one week, exactly how many emails did Michael Moore receive in

response to the request for healthcare horror stories to feature in his film?

5. Becky Melky (Malke) cries, who works for a health insurance company, cries during her

scene. Why?

6. Why were the Japanese doctors but not the American doctors able to diagnose Maria

Watnabe as having a brain tumor?

7. (a) What would be wrong if I, following Dr. Glen Hollinger’s lead, simply stamped all

student essays with a “B” immediately? (b) What’s wrong with paying doctors (medical

reviewers) who have the highest denial rates a bonus? Explain. (This question refers to

the scene in which Moore interviews Dr. Linda Peano.)

8. How much did the Health Insurance Association of America spend to defeat Hilary

Clinton’s healthcare plan (when she was First Lady)?

9. What country has the 36

the best healthcare system in the world (while the U.S. ranks 37

thein the world for healthcare)?

10. (b) Which CEO of a health insurance company made 1.6 billion in one year? (b) What

company did he work for?

11. Blue Cross/Blue Shield paid $117 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that the company

did what illegally and unethically? (What is shown as the reason?)

12. What American has to pay nothing to see a doctor in Canada when she illegally crosses

the border for the purpose of receiving medical treatment?

13. Canadian Larry Godfrey sustained a golfing injury in the U.S. As all Canadians, he is given

free universal healthcare. How much money did it save him to fly home for treatment

rather than have his emergency treated in the U.S. (even with his out-of-country

insurance he paid for in order to travel to the U.S.)?

14. Brad, another Canadian, didn’t have to pay to have his fingers surgically reattached after

his accident. (a) How many anesthetists worked on Brad, even though he wasn’t paying

for the operation (they are free in Canada)? (b) How much did Rick have to pay (as an

American) to have his middle finger re-attached?

15. (a) In England, what do you have to pay (in American dollars) for prescription pills, no

matter how many or what kind they are? (b) And if you are under ___ or over ___ they

are free, if you live in England. (c) How much did Frank Cardille’s wife have to pay for her

prescribed pain killer (for her hip)?

16. (a) In England, their national health insurance NHS provides all English women who are

pregnant __ months off with pay. How many months off with pay do American mothers

expecting get? (Google this.)

17. (a) What 5 industries does Moore say (or show) are socialized in the U.S.? (b) What

does it mean to say these American services are “socialized”?

18. To counter the claim that doctors would make less money if the U.S. adopted a single

payer system (the U.S. government would be the provider for all U.S. citizens), Moore

interviews an English doctor. What is his title and what is his yearly salary in U.S.


19. (a) What did MLK hospital in Los Angeles do when Mychelle arrived via ambulance?

What did they do wrong? What would MLK have done if one of the doctors or nurses

went ahead and gave Mychelle a shot instead of obeying rules not to? Explain.

20. (a) Alexi Cremieux was born in France, but lived and worked in the U.S. for ___ years

without U.S. medical insurance. After learning he had a tumor, he returned to France to

get free treatment. (b) How many months off with pay in France did Alexi receive after

his chemotherapy?

21. (a) According to Bernie Sanders (see his speech below), what is the single biggest

problem with the American healthcare system? (b) How much could we save if we

switched to Canada’s system? (c) Would Canadians switch to our system if given the