Buying Goods and Services – Thematic Project

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Thematic Project Assignment

In this project you will design and create a bulletin board display that describes how the consumer movement affects business.

Step 1: Brainstorm Skills You Need to Complete This Activity

Your success in business will depend on your skills. Preview the activity, then brainstorm a list of the skills you will need to use to complete the activity and describe how you will use them. Skills you might use include:

  • Academic Skills reading, writing, math, and science skills
  • Basic Skills speaking, listening, thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills
  • Technology Skills word processing, keyboarding, database, spreadsheet

Skills Preview: Click here to view a graphic organizer you can use to brainstorm the skills you will use to complete the project.

Step 2: Choose a Business and a Career That Interest You

Make a list of businesses that interest your team. Add to the list any careers within this business that interest your team. Then think about how the consumer movement affects these businesses. Think about how you are affected as a consumer and also how you might be affected in your future career.

Step 3: Build Background Knowledge

Preview information on how consumers affect business.

Step 4: Connect with Your Community

individually interview two adults in your community. Interview one adult who is active in a consumer movement or has taken action as a consumer. Interview another adult to learn how consumers affect the person’s job or business. Bring your findings about these people’s experiences to the team to use as stories for the bulletin board.

Step 5: Research Business Trends

Use the Internet resources to research technology’s effects on global business. Use the project research checklist as a guide to your research. Keep records of your sources of information.

Step 6: Develop a Report

Use computer graphics, photographs, and other art to create a bulletin board that includes all of the information described in the project checklist.

How the Consumer Movement Affects Business

✔ Decide on one type of consumer movement, such as efficient fuel for vehicles or socially responsible companies.

✔ Researchers can use library and Internet sources to find information on consumer movements and their effects on business. Look for information on how the businesses are changing because consumers are becoming active.

✔ Writers should write short paragraphs of information and picture captions.

✔ Editors should edit and proofread the information and captions.

✔ Artists should design and arrange the bulletin board.

Self Connections

✔ Describe the results of your interview with an adult family member.

✔ Describe how technology, globalization, and diversity have affected the business and career in which you are interested.

✔ Explain what the investigation and its results mean to you.

Submit your bulletin board as a word document.