Business Power point presentation

Coffee Business in China

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  • Develop a final PowerPoint presentation utilizing your business product or service and the country analyses you covered in Writing Assignment D.
  • BE SURE TO STATE WHAT YOUR BUSINESS IS and the country in which you will be operating/country you researched.
  • Be sure to cover all of the key points.
  • Be sure to TIE your factual information to your proposed business idea throughout this presentation.
  • It is better to use MORE slides, and fewer words per slide. Please do not try to cram long paragraphs onto a slide. Use bullet points, boxes, etc., to make your information stand out.
  • BE SURE you create your reference list. This will include all references you used throughout this quarter. You references will spread over several slides, and that is fine.
  • YOU MUST USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS, in the format (Author last name,Year). If there is not author, use the publisher. If there is no publisher, use the editor. If none of these can be found, then use the title of the article or piece. You can use a small font for the in-text citations if you would like, to save room on your slides.
  • Be sure to include at least one video in your presentation, which last about 3 minutes.
    • BE CERTAIN the link is clickable (in other words, that I can click on it and go to the video)
      • SO THAT MEANS, after you submit it, go back in and make sure the link works
    • The video can be about any part of your presentation – your proposed business, your country of interest for that business, the US regulations or international regulations that may affect your business, or a very well done video on advertising or marketing in another country.
  • USE GRAPHICS. No one wants to see a presentation that is just words. The graphics should be meaningful to the presentation. Graphics require citations and references. If you use Creative Commons, you can find the information you need to be able to cite and reference the graphic/photo. This is also the one case where you can use Wiki – Wikimedia. The graphics and photos in there are in the public domain. However, you still need a citation and a reference.
    • You cannot use photos that have a copyright, or are restricted/not public domain. If it has a watermark across it, you cannot use it.
    • You may not download photos from company websites, or other websites, unless you have their permission.
  • I must be able to go through your presentation and understand your subject and information, as if I have not already read your papers. So pretend you are “presenting” this information to someone who you want to back your business.
  • You are developing and submitting a PowerPoint presentation only.
  • Your presentation should be, at a minimum, 15 slides, and should not exceed 30 slides (excluding reference slides)

For instance: How do the facts about your selected country – culture, economics, social structures, ethical sustainability, etc. – influence how you market, advertise, and run your business?