Business Intelligence Discussion

Article Postings and Discussion

Post your thoughts on the assigned article concerning: 1) What is the general idea of the article as it applies to business intelligence; and 2) How it could apply to another industry. You are limited to no more than five grammatically-correct sentences (two for the general idea, and three for its application). You may also not repeat the industry application of a prior poster. In other words, only the first poster that addresses a specific industry will get credit.

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Postings will be scored based on their contribution, originality, insight, depth, and spelling/grammar. For instance, if you simply summarize the article to describe what you learned, then that would score very low on insight and depth. There is more to be learned from these articles than what is on the surface. Additionally, your application should explore how this insight could be applied elsewhere. That requires at least one proposed example of the idea in your selected industry.