business essay out line.

Essay outline and sources

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Deadline is a minute before midnight TONIGHT

First please re-read Guidelines for the Essay, which includes two sample papers.

Then, in the box below, please first type an outline of the paper you plan to write, covering your main points (the 200-word limit means that there will be room only for the main points). Make the following clear: the problem, and the main supporting points; the ONE solution and the main arguments that you will make in favor of the proposed solution.

Your outline’s main points should be labeled with a roman numeral and the subpoints with capital letters. (For an example of a properly labeled outline, see the one found in the Guidelines handout.)

All points in the outline should show support from a published source. This is done by placing in parentheses at the end of the relevant point in the outline the number of the citation in the citation list. You may end up using the same number, such as (3), many times because you draw from that one source more than once in your essay. Refer to each citation as many times as you need to.

In order for you to receive feedback, your submission must be displayed as an outline and show that time has been invested in its preparation and in finding useful sources. An unsatisfactory outline, or a submission that lacks at least two relevant New York Times or Wall Street Journal articles, one of which was published since the beginning of the semester, or one that provides little evidence of time having been invested in preparing the essay, will not receive feedback.

I do not review drafts of papers that will later be submitted for a grade, so the outline is the last opportunity for you to receive feedback before submitting your final paper.

Maximum number of permitted words: 150

There is no double-spacing nor is there an indent to start a new paragraph. A blank line signals the start of a new paragraph. (If you have copy and pasted from Word and did not insert the blank lines to separate paragraphs earlier, then you need to do so now.) Take a look at the right side: whatever you see there is what your instructor will see. If paragraphs are clearly separated with blank lines, then your submission is properly formatted. (If you are worried that your submission was not saved successfully, just take a look at what is displayed on the right side.)

Select type of new source:

New York Times’s article title:

Date in MM/DD/YYYY format: (Must be within the past five years; don’t use sources that were published earlier than five years ago)

After saving each source, place a source reference, enclosed in parentheses, in the above submission in all of the places in which you used it. If there is more than one source reference used for a particular point, use a separate set of parentheses for each source reference.

As you add additional sources and the source list is re-alphabetized, the source numbers in parentheses in your paper will be automatically updated, so that they always correspond to the correct source.