bully promotion

please answer from your opinion, work experiences and perspective

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rejections should be handled carefully and respectfully. Internal candidates who are not selected or promoted are also retained as employees in their current jobs. Drawing on the textbook materials on fairness perceptions and rejecting , if you are a hiring manager and you have to tell an internal candidate that he/she is rejected for a promotion, what would you do to avoid negative outcomes including job satisfaction and performance .

part b

Read the article “One workplace bully is one too many: the four faces of bullying” Harvey & Allard) and answer the following questions.

Have you ever been bullied or witnessed an incident of bullying either at school of in the workplace? Describe the incident. Drawing on Hirschman’ coping strategies (i.e., exit, voice, loyalty and neglect), how did you react and why? What might you do differently after reading this article?