Budget Project Information

This is an Individual Project

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1. Review the instructions for the project below.

2. Here is a link to a Google doc instructional video (YouTube). You may wish to find other tutorials if this one does not provide the information you need. http://youtu.be/POPL14lxMqI

Project Details

For this project you will use the information provided in the scenario to address the questions in the Department Budget Response template. See the “Instructions” document and “Previous Year Budget”spreadsheets.
→Prepare a written document using the Department Budget Response Template and Excel spreadsheet to explain your responses for each area of the budget.

This is a representative budget, not an actual budget that would be submitted to the financial officer. That type of budget document is more technical than this one. This budget project is designed to get you thinking about what goes into planning a budget.

Your project must be organized and well thought out. It must be well written and free of any spelling and grammatical errors.


Download the Budget for Previous Year spreadsheet. Review the three (3) worksheets in that spreadsheet. You will use this information in the project. Look for the three tabs at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet.

Download the Department Budget Instructions document. I have Attached as file

Download the Previous Year Budget information spreadsheets. I have Attached as file

Use the Department Budget Response Template (provided) for your answers. Submit the completed template and your updated spreadsheet to the submission link. I have Attached as file