Broadening and deepening your study of the political economy of inequality (5 double space paper)

The limited time available in a single course prevents us from studying in greater depth many important aspects of inequality. Other significant dimensions receive no attention at all. This assignment invites you to explore the academic opportunities open to you as a undergraduate to deepen or broaden your understanding of some particular aspect of the political economy of inequality. Using the Undergraduate Catalog and course descriptions on department and program websites, devise and defend a coherent and integrated set of courses that hold promise to help bring about such broadening and deepening of what you are learning in this course. These courses need not be related to majors or minors you are considering. They might simply enrich and complement your undergraduate education in some relevant but broader sense. Explain clearly the connections between the courses you propose and the issues we are studying in our class and, as appropriate, with your other academic work , past, present, and future as you currently envision it.

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The paper should be three to five double-spaced pages in length. Please submit it as a .docx Word document. Unlike the first paper, please do not convert this one to PDF.