Benefits of Annotating a Text, english assignment help

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While working your way through the module on reading, you learned how to annotate a text.  Those instructions include:

Benefits of Annotating a Text:

  1. Helps you see that reading is a process
  2. Helps you comprehend the text more thoroughly
  3. Slows down the reading so you notice details
  4. Promotes more active reading
  5. Helps improve your writing

How to Annotate a Text:

  1. Before you read a text:
  1. Look at the covers
  2. Read the titles, headings, and subheadings
  3. Examine illustrations or other graphics (charts, tables)
  4. Pay attention to bolditalics, or underlined
  5. Look at the overall organization of the text.
  1. During the reading:
  1. Mark the text directly, use Post-It notes, or write in the margins.
  2. Note:
    1. Characters
    2. Setting
  • Vocabulary
  1. Important information
  2. Interesting uses of language
  1. Margins or Post-It notes:
    1. Make predictions
    2. Ask questions
  • State opinions
  1. Analyze the author’s craft
  2. Make connections (to other texts or your own life)
  3. Make reflections on the content or reading process
  • Summarize
  • Look for patterns or repetitions
  1. Note controversies
  2. Draw arrows to show connections
  3. Point out mistakes
  1. After reading:
  1. Reread your annotations
  2. Try to make some conclusions
  3. Judge the title, determine its meaning
  4. Look for patterns, repetitions, and determine possible meanings
  5. Try to figure out something new

Now, in the reading section toward the end of our textbook, there are several wonderful stories and essays.  For this particular exercise, I would like you to choose ONE of the following texts.

  1. Book War by Wang Ping
  2. My Two Lives by Jhumpa Lahiri
  3. The Flip Side of Internet Fame by Jessica Bennett

For the text you choose, please do the following steps:

  • Click on the story to link to it.
  • Then, copy and paste it into a file on your computer so you can annotate it. (Microsoft Word has a “mark the text” feature that you can use to annotate.
  • Please annotate the text according to the instructions given above.
  • Then, once you’ve annotated it, copy and paste it again.
  • Finally, please submit your annotated text for this assignment!
  • That’s it!