BELT DRIVES: MINI PROJECTS, engineering homework help


The assignments below were due this Wednesday.

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In addition, please complete the following mini projects:

1. BELT DRIVES: A 2-hp electric motor running at 1720 rpm is to drive a blower at a speed of 240 rpm. Select a V-belt drive for this application and specify standard V belts, sheave sizes, and the resulting center distance. The motor limits the center distance to at least 22 in.

2. CHAIN DRIVES: A roller chain is to transmit 90-hp from a 17-tooth sprocket to a 34-tooth sprocket at a speed of 300 rpm. The load characteristics are moderate shock with abnormal service conditions (poor lubrication, cold temperature, and dirty surroundings). The equipment is to run 18 h/day. Specify the length and size of chain for a center distance of about 25 pitches.

3. SPRING: Design a helical compression spring for a static load of 400 N at a deflection of 45 mm with a safety factor of 2.5. Use C=8. Specify all necessary parameters to manufacture the spring. State and justify all assumptions.

4. GEAR: Design a spur gear set transmitting 5-hp with a pinion speed of 1600 rpm and a speed ration of 3.5 for use in a propeller gear box. The center distance should be no more than 18 in. Provide justification for your decisions.

5. BEARING: A bearing is to carry a radial load of 2875 lb and a thrust load of 1350 lb at a shaft speed of 600 rpm. Assume a design life of 15, 000 hours and a bore diameter of 2.5 in.

The reports should be done professionally and typed with well-illustrated drawing using Creo or ACAD.