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Business Driven Informations systems 5th edition

You have purchased a financial investment company, The Financial Level, that caters to individuals and families. You would like to develop a few blogs for your customers, employees and partners. The goals for your customer blog are to gather honest feedback, provide a place for customers to interact, and help find new opportunities for your businesses. The goals for the employee blog are to gather knowledge, collect employment feedback, and offer a place where employees can post anonymous feedback for issues and concerns so you can manage your staff better.

a. Research the Internet and find several customer blogs and employee blogs.

b. Determine the top three blogs for customers and for employees and critique the blogs for content, ease of use, and overall value.

c. Design a prototype customer blog and a prototype employee blog for The Financial Level, using Word, PowerPOint, or a tool of your choice.

Expert Answer

  • BunnyiBunnyi answered thisWas this answer helpful?10542 answersBased on the information gathered from internet sources and summarizing the blogs of various employees and customers found the below information which would be useful.Skills:
    • Skills could be either professional or technically
    • Understanding and implementing techniques, principles for doing a job functions in the company
    • Understanding of the procedures of the work
    • Utilize the skills learnt while in education to complete the assigned responsibilities to be completed

    Decision making or problem solving:

    • Coordinating with team or cross functional teams to provide a resolution to the customer queries
    • Looking and reacting on the feedback received by customers accordingly
    • Creating required tools or techniques to resolve queries received from customers in short period of time
    • Following up with customers to know if there are any issues and proving resolutions
    • Communication with customer and implementing required changes for resolving queries


    • Providing accurate solutions for the queries
    • Proposing changes which would help in improving quality of the resolutions
    • Working and giving accurate results even there are difficult situations at work


    • Planning should be done according to the goals of the organization
    • Understanding vision and mission of the organization
    • Need to be collaborative with other at work
    • Acting according to the changes of the organization


    • Working and supporting others in the team
    • Creating an environment of mutual cooperation at work
    • Decision making and taking responsibility are the main things at team work
    • Resolving queries in shorter time and sharing the knowledge to others to act in future


    • Taking responsibility in solving queries
    • Giving an attitude of learning while at work
    • Making decisions when required at difficult situations
    • Taking ownership of things and work accordingly

    Overall Performance:

    • Giving a positive note that taking things and working on them
    • Meeting the expectations of the management
    • Providing an example to other at work in overall performance
    • Taking decision and responsibility on tasks needs to be an example to others
    • Overall performance needs to be exceeded in terms of responsibilities assigned