b its commemorative speech

DESCRIPTION: Students will be asked to generate and deliver a speech that pays tribute to a person, a group of people, an institution, or an idea. This must be an original speech. The fundamental purpose of a commemorative speech is to inspire the audience to heighten their admiration for the person, institution or idea being praised. Your aim is not to inform, but to express strong feeling that will arouse sentiment in your audience. Successful commemorative speeches depend above all on the creative and subtle use of language. Please strongly refer to chapter 11 in your textbook for guidelines on using several stylistic devices (imagery, rhythm, simile, metaphor, etc) in order to achieve an eloquent expression of language.

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OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Use of Visual Aid is required. A clear, complete, and TYPED preparation outline and bibliography (if needed) are required and due on the first day that speeches are to be delivered. The outline must include the specific purpose, your central idea, and your method of organization. These MUST be stated on the top of your outline. The specific speech outline (Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Main Points) then follows. All elements must be accurately phrased and arranged according to your method of organization. Be neat, clear, and succinct.