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WEEK 2 1. Write 200 words that answers the question "How might communication ethics affect the decisions you make as an employee?" 2. Share your research in the Week 2 section of the Discussion Forum. Remember, part of assignment 3 is to contribute and share feedback to the forum. Be sure to reference where appropriate. WEEK 3 This week you learned about using research and identifying positions. Your task this week is to summarise the article CSR Reporting as an Important tool of CSR Communication in no more than 300 words. Be sure to reference the article where appropriate. WEEK 6 This week you learned about business writing genres. Your task this week is to write a formal business letter that responds to the below scenario: • You are a customer service representative at your local library. Your role is to work with the librarians to assist library visitors to get their library card, check books in and out of the library, and to follow up on unreturned books. • You recently sent out a number of overdue letters to library visitors regarding their overdue books. The library will collect fees if books are due for more than 1 week after their due date. Customers with overdue books are not allowed to borrow from the library until their books are returned. • You received a response to one of your letters. • John Greer sent a letter dated 08 March 2020 claiming that he has lost the overdue book, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, so he is unable to return it. He complained that he was not able to access library services on his last visit. At that visit, the librarians told him that he would need to return the missing book if he wished to borrow again. • You can help John get his borrowing privileges back. If John can find the book and return it, all he needs to do is pay the overdue fines owing and he will be able to borrow again. If he cannot find the book, he can pay a replacement fee of $19.49 and all privileges will be restored. John will need to fill out a payment slip and mail it back to the library. Payments will be processed in 3-5 business days. • John's address is 957 Neat Street, Blacktown NSW 2148 Upload your business letter response to this week's thread in the appropriate discussion forum. Be sure to use what you have learned from this week's concepts.250 WORDS.