Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Confidentiality, psychology homework help

Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Confidentiality

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By Saturday, July 8, 2017, respond to the discussion question. Submit your responses to the appropriate Discussion Area. Use the same Discussion Area to comment on your classmates’ submissions and continue the discussion until Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

A counselor has been treating a client, Jay,
who was recently in a bad accident that left him bedridden and
partially paralyzed. With sustained physiotherapy and medication, the
paralytic effect has gone, but motor movements are still affected.

Jay’s steady girlfriend left him when she
could not cope with the demands of a paralytic partner. Jay lost his job
too. These left a heavy dent on his self-esteem, and he was slowly
letting his life slip past. He began attending therapy at the insistence
of friends.

One day, he discloses to his counselor that
he is contemplating suicide because there is nothing he looks forward to
in life. He announces that he has had enough of living and plans to
shoot himself that evening. The counselor knows he has access to an old
hunting rifle and that he has attempted suicide in the past. He has been
under treatment for major clinical depression for the past three

  • Discuss the ethical issues presented in this scenario.
  • Identify the relevant ethical standards from the ACA Code of Ethics and the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists Code of Conduct. Provide the number, title, and definition of each relevant standard from those codes.
  • Justify whether or not the counselor would need to break confidentiality.
  • Describe the steps the counselor should follow if he or she finds it necessary to break confidentiality.