Assess factors that influence the effectiveness of strategy implementation

Assess factors that influence the effectiveness of strategy implementation.

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Evaluate strategic performance.

Word count: 1500-2000 words excluding your referencing

“On December 7, 2004, IBM sold its whole personal computing Division to the Chinese computer company

Lenovo to create a new worldwide PC company – the globe’s third largest at the time (behind HP and Dell) – with

approximately $12 billion in annual revenue. Simultaneously, though, IBM said that it would be taking an 18.9

percent equity stake in Lenovo, creating a strategic alliance between IBM and Lenovo in PC sales, financing and

service worldwide”. (Ghillyer, 2014).

1. Identify and evaluate the organisational structure that has been chosen by Lenovo to implement its

international business strategy/ies?

2. Critical evaluate how Lenovo and IBM use cooperative strategy/ies to innovate and to have access to

innovative capabilities?

3. Explain how strategic entrepreneurship is used by Lenovo and IBM to create value?

Reference in APA6 Style.

Please provide answers as per request.

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