As the executive of a bank or thrift institution you are faced with an intense seasonal demand for loans

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    and review the tight  (contractionary) and easy (expansionary) tools of the Fed
    as well as the use of each. Briefly examine the Economic Dictionary and the
    Policy in Depth features.
  • Now play the game! You are the Fed Chairperson! You begin with 16 quarters,
    4 years, then your job is up for review. You begin with rates at 4.5, inflation
    at  2.14% and unemployment at 4.75%.
  • Make decisions on interest rates for the 16 quarters. Summarize the changes
    you chose and explain your results. Do you still have a job? Why or why not?
  • Complete the following from the textbook:

    • Chapter 4: E2

      2. As the executive of a bank or thrift institution you are faced with

      an intense seasonal demand for loans. Assuming that your loanable

      funds are inadequate to take care of the demand, how might your

      Reserve Bank help you with this problem?

    • Chapter 5: P1

      P1 1. A new bank has vault cash of $1 million and $5 million in deposits

      held at its Federal Reserve District Bank.

      a. If the required reserves ratio is 8 percent, what dollar amount

      of deposits can the bank have?

      b. If the bank holds $65 million in deposits and currently holds

      bank reserves such that excess reserves are zero, what

      required reserves ratio is implied?

    • CH 5: P6

      6. Assume that banks must hold a 2 percent reserve percentage

      against transaction account balances up to and including $40 million.

      For transaction accounts above $40 million, the required reserve

      percentage is 8 percent. Also assume that Dell National Bank has

      transaction account balances of $200 million.

      a. Calculate the dollar amount of required reserves that Dell

      National Bank must hold.

      b. What percentage of Dell’s total transaction account balance

      must be held in the form of required reserves?