​Artist Statement

Artist Statement

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(100points) In this 2-3 page double spaced and typed artist statement you will clarify the meaningfulness of the objects you chose to present, the juxtapositions you created, and any insights that you gained about your personal identity and cultural position while creating this installation.

So Basically, we have a performance in class that we need to have a box with some meaningful objects to. for example, I will have a family picture in the box.. so in the essay you can write what dose this object or picture mean and explain why its important by going deep.

Performance guide if you needed to understand the topic more :

Personal Cabinet of Curiosities(100points)For this assignment, you will research your personal archive of meaningful artifacts, everyday ephemera (including receipts, notes, lists , pictures, etc.), and personal objects that reveal and suggest the relationship between your personal identity and cultural location. You will then design an assemblage of these objects and artifacts in a box or case roughly the size of a shoebox. This installation should present a collection of objects that highlight your personal identity and cultural position.The juxtaposition and arrangement of the items in this box should offer a meaningful conception of the ways your identity and cultural position are related.This presentation should include a title card that provides a 2-3 sentence description of your installation.

So the objects I will take to class are:

1- Family Picture/ First important thing in my life, as they mean the life to me.

2-Cooking Spoon/ I like to cook so much. I enjoy doing this all the time. and I know how to cooke almost everything.

3- Ambassador word written on a silver box/ This box means a lot as my father gave it to me as a gift as he knows that being a country Ambassador is a dream to me.

4- First flight ticket to achieve my dreams/ It was to the US as it was a dream for me that I make it comes true by hard working on hight school to gat a scholarship to the Unites states. so it means a lot.

5- A picture for me riding a horse/ I am a horse rider in my country and this picture reminds me of all the competitions I attended. actually this is my favorite hobby.