Artist spot light papers.


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it’s an assignment that worth 50 points from the overall grade. this will be for creative writing class it’s the biggest project in the entire class. So, the assignment about famous poem writer. The professor gave us a list of writers and he said that we should pick up one of those and do the assignment about it. So, I’ll upload the list that he but for us , go ahead if you know any one of them. if don’t you will write about the one that i choose witch is Kazim Ali. whatever, I just choose it but i don’t know much about it. The assignment must be 2 full pages single space. and one page witch is gonna be the first that you will rite the project name witch is artist spot light and student name and university name. and the due date sep 30th. pleas make sure there is no copy from the internet or bad quality. if you think that you cant do it in excellent way. so don’t except it.

I’ll attach a paper that will explain everything for this project step by step.