Art Project Corruption Monsters English Assignment Help

For each of the following questions, please provide a short answer. Your answers should impress me with your critical thinking and the ability to creatively interpret a symbol.

  • By short answer, I mean this can be one sentence answers or 50 sentences. I am looking for your ability to think critically, so show me what you can do.

Scenario: You are an artistic person who wants to design a creative project about monsters to demonstrate a social issue in current society.

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1. Pick a movie, tv show, art project, or video game medium to produce your project

2. Decide what vampires or another monster will signify in your project?

3. What location(s) & what do the locations signify to your viewer?

4. What Weapons would your heroes use & what does that signify for your plot?

5. Who is your hero? Why?

6. Who would you cast in your project? Why?

7. What is the fortress of your project & what does that signify to your viewer?

8. What is the message of your project & what does that signify to your viewer?

9. Design a poster for your project with clearly shows signifiers & upload a picture Hint: this can be a stick figure drawing