Art Appreciation discussion question and Intro to IR

Art Appreciation Discussion question (50-100 words each)

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The first three questions due Aug 5th 11:59 pm EST (do it asap)

1)For the artist and for the observer, what is the value or importance of creating space in a landscape?

2)What does a perspective system add to a painted landscape?

3)Compare the visual dynamics (the elements that keep the viewer interested in looking at the work) between the two paintings above, on the left, by Matisse, The Joy of Life; and on the right, Ambrogio Lorenzetti Allegory of Good Government in the City.

Plus use art terms to describe and appreciate an sculpture Perseus with the Head of Medusa( do not talk about the history and the background, talk about the artwork) 100-200 words.

4-6 due Aug 8th

4)What elements do architects use in their design work to make buildings that encourage people’s positive needs?

5)What is the benefit of architecture that is designed with decoration? What is the benefit of architecture that emphasizes function and discourages decoration? Think about the structures you frequent and comment on architectural decoration vs. function.

6)Discuss the benefits of public space and gardens? How often and how do you encounter public space/gardens?

Other questions due Aug 12th

7)What are some of the direct observation methods that an artist uses to create their images?

8)What distinguishes printmaking in comparison to other art mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.? What do you think is the benefit for an artist to make prints?

9)Comment on the effect and benefits of technology on the Visual Art of the Twentieth Century.

10)What role did the thinking of the artist play in the creation of Visual Art in the Twentieth Century.

Intro to International Relation question due Aug 12th

Find one tweet by either former President Barack Obama, while he was in office, or current President Donald Trump while he has been in office that either supports or rejects the Clash of Civilizations argument presented by Samuel Huntington.

  • Include the text of the tweet as well as a quote from Huntington (1993) or Said (2001).
  • How does the language of this tweet invoke or reject the Clash argument? Explain your choice in at least 3 sentences.