Art and the cycle of life

How to Prepare for this Assignment

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1. Read chapter 4.3 of your textbook

2. Explore the website Google Arts & Culture:

3. Watch the following video for a contemporary example of an artist interested in the theme of life &

death: contemporary-art1/v/hirst-s-shark-interpreting-contemporary-art

Do the Following

1. Google Arts & Culture is a project in which hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives have partnered with Google to host cultural treasures online. Go to the website and familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

2. Choose two (2) artworks from the website that are related to the theme of art and the cycle of life. This may seem like a broad theme, and it is! To help narrow your discussion, you must select a pair of artwork that relates to art and the cycle of life and fits any one of the following criteria:

a. one that depicts a human and one that depicts a mythical being;

b. one personal and one communal; OR

c. one about birth and one about death.

Include links to your two images within your post and clearly describe which criteria you chose.

3. Compare and contrast what the artworks look like and what they are communicating, noting at least three points of comparison and/or contrast. What do the similarities or differences suggest about the beliefs and values of the cultures that produced them?

4. Select one of your peer’s posts. What does their comparison reveal to you about the artworks that you may not have considered before?

Format and Submission Guidelines:

 400 word minimum (main post). Do not bullet point, or otherwise separate, your information. Although you must answer the questions found in the instructions, do not number your paragraphs.

 Remember to cite any sources used. Here is a helpful resource:

 Proofread before submission. You must use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Utilize the resources provided by the Writing Studio at USF. They offer online resources in addition to in-person appointments. Another good online resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.