Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) Assignment

AZELLA Assignment

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Learning Outcome

Students will interpret an AZELLA Student Report and explain the type of support the student would need in a mainstream classroom.

Use the other files in this assignment and your module readings to answer the following questions below in complete sentences.

  1. The AZELLA is aligned with and tests the ELPS. What are the ELPS?
  1. What type of assessment, according to the ADE Balanced Assessment Framework, is the AZELLA?
  1. How does a classroom teacher use the AZELLA score report?
  1. List the 4 main sections (do not confuse with domains) in the AZELLA score report.
  1. How do the Domain Scores differ from the Additional Scores? What are they measuring?
  1. List the different proficiency levels.
  1. How is the Overall Proficiency Level determined?
  1. Scroll down to page 17 in the Guidance Document and look at the Kindergarten AZELLA. How does it compare to the other Levels II-V?

Now choose one of the AZELLA Score Reports. Examine it and answer the following questions in complete sentences

  1. Which score report did you select?
  1. What are the student’s strengths and weaknesses?
  1. What additional data does a classroom teacher need to determine the best approaches to use with this student?