Argument Essay Pre writing, English homework help

6 part pre writing assignment for argument essay.

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second essay for this course is the Argument Essay. You will write the
Argument Essay according to the standard writing process. To prepare to
write your first draft of the essay, complete this prewriting activity.
You will submit this assignment in a Word document.

the Argument Essay, you state and support your position on a topic you
feel strongly about, whether in your current field/career or in current
events. The purpose of this assignment is to argue your own
position logically and reasonably, with support from at least three
credible sources to back your opinion.
The key here is that you must construct the essay around your own thesis.

choosing a topic, you may not know your position until you do a bit of
research into that topic. Consider leading with a topic first, then
forming your opinion as you learn more. Once you’ve determined your
position, however, you must base your argument on solid
evidence. This is NOT a personal experience essay, even though your
personal experiences will probably influence your viewpoint. Your entire
argument should be based on evidence from reliable sources.

select a topic, focus on those things that come up in your life that
make you think, or that make you curious. For example, you may explore
your position on PPO vs. HSA health care plans, or your opinion on
healthcare reform. The argument that you make does not have to be
related to medicine, however; for example, you could also write about
parenthood, media issues, or any other idea that sparks your interest.
Be sure to steer clear of topics that are too broad, however.

  1. First, choose a topic to evaluate. Pick
    a topic based on an issue you feel strongly about, and on which you
    take a clear position. Consider topics that relate to your career, or to
    issues in the news or in our country that you wish to discuss in
    further depth. Write 2-3 sentences describing your topic.
    Do not evaluate or pass judgment on your topic at this point – instead,
    simply describe or summarize what your topic is or what it’s about. (2
  1. Complete some preliminary research on your topic.
    You can search the databases in our Virtual Library, the Internet at
    large, look at physical books in a brick-and- mortar library, or
    interview an expert on your topic. You don’t have to complete all of
    your research, but you should have some familiarity of the information
    out there about your topic. In 2-3 sentences, describe where you searched and the most useful source that you located. (2 points)
  1. Complete a prewriting exercise about your topic (like
    freewriting, brainstorming, or concept mapping).  At this stage,
    consider your stance on your topic. What do you already know about the
    topic, what is the argument you want to make, why do you want to make
    that argument, and what evidence do you think you can use to support it
    well? (5 points)
  1. Develop a working thesis statement for your essay.
    Your thesis statement should indicate the topic and your stance on that
    issue, with a very brief and specific description of your reasoning for
    that stance. The thesis statement is, essentially, a brief description
    of the point you plan to prove in your essay, and should be 1-2 sentences long. (3 points) Here’s an example:

first step to solving the health care crisis in America is to institute
a single-payer health insurance system; removing the for-profit health
insurance companies from the process will decrease the cost of insurance
for all Americans.

  1. Form a preliminary outline of your essay. At minimum, indicate the topic of each paragraph, in the order you plan on having them appear in your essay.  (5 points)
  1. Write three APA style references
    (as they would appear on a references page, with all the relevant
    publication information) for sources you’ve found in your preliminary
    research. (3 points)

Make sure to complete all sections of this assignment, in separate sections. Do not submit a rough draft of your paper at this time!