Apply Your Skills: Group Experience Essay

Review what you’ve learned about group communication and problem-solving in Chapter 10 in your textbook. Then CHOOSE ONE of the following topics below. After you’ve written your essay, submit to the drop box.

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1. Apply Your Skills: Group Experience

Write a 2-page essay about a group experience you’ve had.

  • Answer each of the following 5 questions. Be sure to identify each question by its number.
    1. Describe the best group member or teammate you have encountered. How did that person’s behavior compare to this chapter’s description of effective team members?
    2. Think of a successful brainstorming session or a session with problems in which you’ve participated as a group leader or member. What factors caused the success or led to the problems? If there were problems, what could be done to address them?
    3. How can group members adapt to work effectively if the leader is using an authoritarian style and the group would prefer a more democratic style?
    4. Using the suggestions and following the examples presented in Chapter 10, draft a brief agenda for an upcoming meeting of a group you’re in.
    5. Review Table 10.1 in your textbook. What other patterns of difficult group behavior have you encountered in groups? How would you suggest dealing with the behavior?


2. Apply Your Skills: Conflict Experience

  1. In a Microsoft Word (.docx / .doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) document, write a 2-page essay describing an experience handling a one-to-one conflict (professional or personal). Apply at least three of the concepts from textbook Chapter 10 as evidence of your understanding of the concepts presented in this module.
  2. When you have finished writing, make sure you spell check and proofread for any errors and/or submit to Smarthinking. Then go to the Conflict Experience Essay folder dropbox and submit your essay. Make sure you include all formatting for MLA (header, spacing, in-text citations, etc.)
  • IMPORTANT! All papers must be double-spaced, with 1-in margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.