APA Format, No plagarism, 125 words

Peer response should include evidence based content, and contribute to the learning
environment as evidenced by: providing additional information (not found in the individual
posting), and reflect thoughtful ideas which clearly communicate individual opinions. In
particular, it is expected that your peer response would be about the additional nursing
problem selected.
Note: When responding to a peer response, include the group member’s name you are
responding to. For example: “Bryan, thanks for sharing the example of the application of
Watson’s theory…etc”. Peer responses should be minimum 125 words/posting.
Posting Guidelines:
 Posts should be single spaced and follow APA guidelines which includes an
expectation that posts will be in complete sentences, grammatically correct, free of
spelling errors and be supported by proper in-text citation and use of references.
 References: A minimum of 2 scholarly/peer-reviewed references in addition to your
textbook for your primary post and 1 for the peer response. NOTE: Theory
websites are not considered scholarly references!

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