APA Citation MUST BE %100 correct

Please do part 2.

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Fix that Citation

For extra credit and a quick lesson to practice APA format, 1) Integrate in-text citations into the FIVE examples in proper APA format and 2) create a “References” sheet page in proper APA format with TEN of the following citations. Do not just do the first ten. Choose citations randomly so that you get a good variety of citations so that you get experience citing information. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST FIVE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CITATIONS ON YOUR References page. HINT: See the last few pages of the syllabus for a guide to get you started. You can find additional information in the APA guide for citations that do not “fit” into the format of the examples in the syllabus.

Submit your assignment on Canvas under the appropriate assignment. You cannot earn any extra credit unless your page is 100% correct. However, you can re-submit your page an unlimited number of times up until the final due date listed on the Tentative Schedule and on Canvas.

Part II: Create Reference page from TEN of these citations:

1)Asen, Robert and Brouwer, Daniel C.“Reconfigurations of the public sphere” Introduction to book “Counterpublics and the state;” 2001, Albany, NY (SUNY Press), pages 25-39

2)Atkeson, Lonna Rae. Divisive primaries and general election outcomes: Another look at presidential campaigns. American Journal of Political Science 42 (1), Jan. 1998, 256-271

3)Movie: Stranger Than Fiction. Production company: Columbia Pictures. Year produced: 2006.Directed by Marc Forster. Location of Production company: California.

4)Mark Andrejevic; Reality TV: The work of being watched; (Lanham, MD), Rowman & Littlefield, 2004.

5)Hollihan, Thomas A. Western Journal of Speech Communication 50 (Fall 1986) p. 368-387 “The public controversy over the Panama Canal treaties: An analysis of American foreign policy rhetoric”

6)Foucault, Michel.“Nietzsche, geneology, history” In the book “Language, counter-memory, practice: Selected essays and interviews” ed. Donald Bouchard, trans. Donald Bouchard and Sherry Simon (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1977)

7)The jouissance of Trump. Pages 651-655. doi: 10.1177/1527476416652694 Mark Andrejevic, 2016, in Television & New Media, volume 17, issue 7

8)Brower, Jay. 2016. Critical rhetoric’s truth-telling function. Atlantic Journal of Communication, v. 24, issue 5, 251-263. doi: 10.1080/15456870.2016.1232110

9)McGee, Michael Calvin. The ideograph: A link between rhetoric and ideology. The Quarterly Journal of Speech 66 (1980) p. 1-16.

10)http://www.ourmissbrooks.com/miss-enright-mary-jan… Page name: Mary Jane Croft, as Miss Enright. Website name: Our Miss Brooks. Found in December 2017

11)Campbell, D.1992. Writing security: US Foreign policy and the policy of identity.Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

12)Black, E. 1980.A note on theory and practice in rhetorical criticism.331-336. Western Journal of Speech Communication, 44.

13)Burke, K. A grammar of motives.Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 1945.

14)Condit, C. M.(1987).Democracy and civil rights: The universalizing influence of public argumentation.Communication Monographs, 54, p. 1-18.

15)Foucault, M. (1979).Discipline and Punish: New York: Vintage Publishers.

16)Domke, D., Fan, D.P., Fibison, M., Shah, D.V., Smith, S.S. & Watts, M.D.(1997) News media, candidates and issues, and public opinion in the 1996 presidential campaign.Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 74 (4), p. 718.

17)Arrighi, G. & Silver, B.J. (1999).Chaos and governance in the modern world system.Minneapolis, MN:University of Minnesota Press.

18)Barbaro, Michael; “Pithy, mean and powerful: How Donald Trump mastered Twitter for 2016”. The New York Times. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/06/us/politics/don… (October 5, 2015)

19)“White Sox again beat Cincinnati score is 4 to 1: Knock Slim Sallee out of box and win the seventh game of World Series.”(October 9, 1919). New York Times, p. 1, 11.

20)Harper, Stephen. (21 March, 2003).The case for joining war.The Toronto Star, A25.Letter to the Editor.

21) “From press leaks to tweetstorms: Trump changes flow of White House information”. The Washington Times. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/oct/16/donald-trump-uses-twitter-not-press-leaks-policy-t/, Daniel Boylan and S.A. Miller, October 16, 2017

22)Doty, A. 1993. I Love Laverne and Shirley: Lesbian Narratives, Queer Pleasures and Television Sitcom. In Making Things Perfectly Queer Interpreting Mass Culture (pp. 39-62). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

23)Richard S. Dunham, Amy Borrus, and Stan Crock, “This Changes Everything,” Business Week issue 3750 (24 September 2001): 38-41.

24)Chapter title: The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Women at home and at work. In J. Feuer, P. Kerr, & T. Vahimagi (Eds.). MTM: ‘Quality television’ (pp. 99-131). London: British Film Institute, 1984, by Sarafina Bathrick.

25)Rhimes, S., McKee, S. (Writers), Horton, P. (Director), S. Rhimes (Producer), Los Angeles: American Broadcasting Company. Grey’s Anatomy episode: “Raindrops keep falling on my head”