AP Lang writing an essay about dialogue of a prompt.

For the lesson you just completed, you should have written an essay about the use of dialogue in the essay “My Mother Never Worked.” (A copy of “My Mother Never Worked” is attached.) Here is how the assignment appeared in the lesson.

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Think back to the first text we read for this unit (“What’s in a Name?”) and how Henry Louis Gates, Jr. made use of dialogue. “My Mother Never Worked,” while an essay instead of fiction, uses dialogue as well. How would the essay be different if the author had simply used narration to tell the story? What does dialogue add to the essay’s overall effect? Your response does not need to be organized in any particular manner–it just needs to address each of these questions fully.

Submit your completed essay now. It will be scored as it would be on the AP exam. Be sure to review the rubric before you submit your essay, and make any changes needed to address the rubric’s criteria.