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Each week, two or threeindividuals will be responsible to bring to class and share newspaper or journal articles related to any topics in that week’s book chapter. The deliverables of this assignment include a 1 page report about the main points of the news, how and why this article applies to the topics in that week’s book chapter, and your personal reflection. You will also be asked to present your report at the beginning of each class. Select articles from business publications, such as Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week,or other business journals.

Chapter 1. Globalization and international linkages

Warming-up exercise: What’s going on around the world?!

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Chapter S 2 &3. The political, legal, and technological environment

Introduction to Global-in-local project

Chapter 4. Differences in Culture

Introduction to “Cultural Analysis”


Chapter 5. Ethics in International Business